Palm Sunday Service & Holy Week

Greetings all,

Happy Palm Sunday to all.

For starters, I would like to thank Mr. Moheb Georgy for Volunteering to meet Neyafet Anba Metias at Tulsa International Airport. We really appreciate it 3am Moheb.

We just received our palms.
If you know how to make crosses and other decorations with the palms, please let me know so I cant get you some before Sunday (Tulsa congregants).

Next, Please remember that Palm Sunday Service is long. As such we are starting 30-minutes early: 8:00 am instead of 8:30 am. 

We will be reading from all four Gospels (Matthew 21:1-17| Mark 11:1-11| Luke 19:29-48| John 12:12-19) and will end the service with the "General Funeral" service. Then we will have our "Social Hour" or "30-minutes" for Lunch, which will be followed by Pascha.

You may always check the Service Schedule on our website:
Here is a schedule of our upcoming services:
1.  Sun Apr  5 HG Bishop Metias         7th Sunday: Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
                                                             Pascha Eve of Monday
    Mon    Apr  6    On our own            Pascha (Eve of Tuesday)   -  7:00 pm
    Tue    Apr  7    On our own             Pascha (Eve of Wednesday) -  7:00 pm
    Wed    Apr  8    On our own           Pascha (Eve of Thursday)  -  7:00 pm
2.  Thu    Apr  9    HG Bishop Metias  Covenant Thursday & Laqqan Service    -  10:00 am
                             HG Bishop Metias  Pascha (Eve of Friday)    -  7:00 pm
3.  Fri    Apr 10     HG Bishop Metias  Good Friday Service       - 10:00 am  -   4:45 pm
4.  Fri    Apr 10     HG Bishop Metias  Bright Saturday Service (starts Midnight Friday)
5.  Sat    Apr 11     HG Bishop Metias  Resurrection/Easter Sunday (Starts 8:00 pm Saturday)
6.  Sat    Apr 18    Qods Abouna Ghobrial  Tulsa: Sts Peter & Paul
     Sat    Apr 18    Qods Abouna Abraam    OK City: St. Demiana
7.  Sat    Apr 25    Qods Abouna Younan    Tulsa: Sts Peter & Paul

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